The aftermath



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2 responses to “Snowmageddon

  1. Dear David Jones… I’m minimally (maybe not even that) computer savvy… I googled “Learnng Pyramid” and liked a simple graphic that had your name attached to it… May I use it in a “good groups” tool-kit I’m working on… as a “peer” (someone wiith pschiatric labels) to serve peers. I’m promoting a process based on The Alternatives to Violence Project…(here’s a related blurb for background) The Alternatives to Violence Project (developed by prison inmates and Quakers after the Attica riots), utilizes experiential exercises in specific ways, to achieve Genuine Community with ease and grace. Every activity invites some aspect of “us” forward: our life experience, our wisdom, our joy! This generates tremendous buy-in as personal insight & interpersonal skill develop naturally. The foundational concept of “Transforming Power,” something we each define for ourselves, opens us to the idea that a power is always available to us to transform a moment… or a life. This is not a big money venture, but it is a BIG heart venture… thanks for considering it! Love!

  2. P.S. See what I said about minimal computer savvy??? I thought I was sending you an e-mail!

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