Go buy this album this instant…

Beatles Love Album

I know what you’re saying, “The Beatles have a new album? How is that possible?” Well, everyones favorite Fab Four did nothing more than sign off on this album. In short, George Harrison was good friends with the founder of Cirque du Soleil. The idea of merging the Beatles music into a Cirque show was later spawned and music was needed. Enter famed Beatles producer George Martin alongside his son, Giles. Going back to Abbey Road and taking all of the original recordings, the two used the new idea of mashups to recreate and renew the music. Basically, songs are cut and pasted together, intermixed, parts added to other songs, pieces of certain tracks cut. Perfect. Just Perfect. It’s hard to expalin but just go buy the CD and be amazed. I’m not kidding on this one…. 5 stars.

I hear something new every time I listen to this album, but here are my first favorites:

– Blackbird/Yesterday : The transition from Blackbird into Yesterday is simply priceless.

– Get Back: Really enjoy the cuts of “The End” and “A Hard Days Night”

– Strawberry Fields Forever: The trumpet solo from Penny Lane is in this song…what?!


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