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Miss Me?

It’s been exactly two years since I’ve touched this thing and it’s about time things started rolling again.

Hope you didn’t miss me two much.

Musings, music, and mischief ahead.

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My Take On Music: 2007

Happy holidays, everyone. I trust that you are enjoying the holidays as much as I am, and wish you a blessed season. 

Taking cue from last year, I decided again to put together a ‘best of’ for music I had a chance to listen to during the year.  A couple articles from this month’s issue of Paste further prodded me:

“Music is extremely personal.  We are each going to respond to different songs and albums.  Even when personal tastes are close, an album can create extremely different responses in different people…but while music is personal, it can also be wonderfully communal.”  – Josh Jackson, Paste Magazine

“More and more of us are obsessed with our own private discoveries, and fewer and fewer of us connect with the shared experience that puts the ‘pop’ in pop music.” – Geoffrey Himes, Paste Magazine

That said, this is my feeble attempt to share with you what I’ve been listening to.  I’m fine with admitting that I’m not as eclectic as pitchfork would want me to be, but hopefully this list will broaden your horizons to things you might not have known about otherwise.  [Caveat: With so much music out there (and my lack of cash flow), know that this list isn’t comprehensive.  Maybe the best music of 2007 is still out there.]

Without further adieu….

Top Albums of 2007

(1-10, In Order)

  1. Wilco, Sky Blue Sky
  2. Kings of Leon, Because of The Times
  3. The National, Boxer
  4. The White Stripes, Icky Thump
  5. The Shins, Wincing The Night Away
  6. Radiohead, In Rainbows
  7. Against Me!, New Wave
  8. LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver
  9. Kanye West, Graduation
  10. Band of Horses, Cease to Begin

(11-30, Alphabetical)

       Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

       Arcade Fire, Neon Bible

       Arctic Monkeys, Favourite Worst Nightmare

       Ben Lee, Ben Lee Sings Against Me! New Wave

       Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Baby 81

       Cary Brothers, Who You Are

       The Cinematics, Cinematics

       Feist, The Reminder

       Flight of the Conchords, The Distant Future EP

       Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

       Ghosts, The World Is Outside

       The Hives, The Black and White Album

       James Taylor, One Man Band

       Jessie Baylin, You

       Jimmy Eat World, Chase This Light

       Kenna, Make Sure They See My Face

       Klaxons, Myths Of The Near Future

       Paramore, Riot!

       Paul McCartney, Memory Almost Full

       Ryan Adams, Easy Tiger


Top Tracks of 2007

(1-12, In Order)

  1. Kings of Leon, True Love Way
  2. The White Stripes, Icky Thump
  3. Wilco, Impossible Germany
  4. The Shins, Phantom Limb
  5. The Cribs, Men’s Needs
  6. Peter Bjorn & John, Young Folks
  7. LCD Soundsystem, All My Friends
  8. Foo Fighters, The Pretender
  9. The National, Fake Empire
  10. Against Me!, New Wave
  11. Arctic Monkeys, D is for Dangerous
  12. Radiohead, Bodysnatchers

(13-40, Alphabetical)

       Alicia Keys feat. John Mayer, Lesson Learned

       Amy Winehouse, Rehab

       Arcade Fire, Keep The Car Running

       Aqualung, Pressure Suit

       Battles, Atlas

       Band of Horses, Is There A Ghost

       Black Kids, I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You

       Blonde Redhead, 23

       The Clientele, Bookshop Casanova

       Dinosaur Jr., Almost Ready

       Flight of the Conchords, The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room

       Grinderman, No P***y Blues

       Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel, Ignorant S**t

       John Mayer & Dave Matthews Band, #41 (Live @ The Hollywood Bowl)

       Justice, D.A.N.C.E.

       Kanye West, Good Life

       Kenna, Say Goodbye To Love

       Kings of Leon, Fans

       Klaxons, Golden Skans

       Lil’ Wayne, We Takin’ Over

       Los Campesinos, You! Me! Dancing!

       Matthew Dear,  Deserter

       M.I.A., Paper Planes

       Modest Mouse, Dashboard

       Paul McCartney, Dance Tonight

       R. Kelly feat. T.I. and T-Pain, I’m a Flirt (Remix)

       Spoon, You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

       Ted Leo/Pharmacists, La Costa Brava


Seven Songs To Blast With The Windows Down

       Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Weapon of Choice

       Cary Brothers, Jealousy

       The Cinematics, Break

       The Fratellis, Chelsea Dagger

       The Hives, Tick Tick Boom

       Jimmy Eat World, Big Casino

       Kaiser Cheifs, Ruby


Six Reasons Why More People Should Listen To Mashups

       ABX, Moneymaking Money Maker That Makes Money (Rilo Kiley v. Ludacris) [via hood internet]

       Party Ben, Every Car You Chase (The Police v. Snow Patrol) [via bootie blog]

       DJ Nicky T, Woohaa (AC/DC v. Busta Rhymes) [via culture bully]

       DJ Zebra, Icky Thump Whole Lotta Funk (White Stripes v. Led Zeppelin)

       Dunproofin’, Fiddy Fiddy Fiddy Fiddy (50 Cent v. Kaiser Chiefs)

       Totom, The Way Simple Men Are (Timbaland v. Lynyrd Skynyrd)


Five Covers You Need to Hear

       Ben Lee, Americans Abroad (Against Me!) [via ben lee’s blog]

       Dawn Landes, Young Folks (Peter, Bjorn & John)

       Greg Laswell, Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)

       The Kooks, Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)

       Tegan And Sara, Umbrella (Rihanna) [via youtube]


Four Tracks Proving That Pop Music Is Not Dead

       Kanye West, Stronger

       Paramore, Misery Business

       Rihanna (feat. Jay-Z), Umbrella

       Sara Bareilles, Love Song


Three Tracks That Were Good The First 10 Times I Heard Them…

       Feist, 1234

       Flo Rida, Low

       Soulja Boy, Crank Dat


Two  Tracks I Shouldn’t Like But Don’t Care….

       The Feeling, Love It When You Call

       Fergie, Glamorous


One Track I Could Go Without Hearing Ever Again

       Plain White T’s, Hey There Delilah (Harsh, I know.  But seriously, can’t we move on?)


And there you have it.  Go ahead and complain, agree or even send me your own list (   

Merry Christmas,







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London Calling

I’m in London for the summer so I am putting this blog on hold in lieu of my summer blog….

…you probably already know this…but if you don’t, I’ll make it real easy for you by clicking here.

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Next Tuesday

Arctic Monkeys – “Favourite Worst Nightmare”

So much anticipation leading up to this one….

When you’ve got first album was the fastest selling release in UK history, releasing a second almost without criticism seems an impossible feat. Despite this, “Favorite Worst Nightmare” has recieved highest marks from all the major brit music publications and I’ve been extremely impressed with the bits I have heard.

Be on the lookout on Tuesday….

The lead off track album can be heard on the Arctic Monkey’s myspace here.

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Song of the Week – The Cinematics

These Scotland natives surely have a hit track in their newest single, “Break.” It was produced by Stephen Hague, who did most of New Order and Pet Shop Boys records back in the day.

Plus, the cover has a burning typewriter on it….

Listen to it here. (yep, that’s a link)

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Song of the Week

CB – Who You Are

Originally uploaded by whoisdavejones.

Cary Brothers (yep, just one dude) just released the first single from his upcoming release, “Who You Are.” It’s a pretty fantastic track with bleeding shades of U2 and Coldplay. I’m sure you’ve heard his stuff, most notably being “Blue Eyes” off of the Garden State soundtrack. Enjoy.

Check out “Who You Are” right here.

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